Vineyard functions

The vineyard functions cover from planting to harvest.

The vineyard module lets you plan all the operations performed on the blocks. You can follow each task on each block, from products added, analyses, and notes to the time spent by your employees. 
Thanks to our GPS boxes, you can geolocalise your tractors in real time. You can follow their progress, or check what your contractor has done via work orders and on a map. 






Parcel management and georeferenced map
Geographic information system
Vineyard input management
Georeferenced Notes
Equipment management / Maintenance
Live GPS tracking
Track work task by task
Manage work with a calendar format
Production cost follow-up
Customizable analysis and annotations
Connection to mapping software
Personalized map import
Automated work follow-up

“Start Vineyard“ basic functions:
The “Start Vineyard” gives you the indispensable functions you need for your work on the vineyard

  • Vineyard input management: regulatory traceability of the product lot numbers
  • Parcel management and georeferenced map: all the data are easily accessible at the block level
  • Work Order management: manage vineyard tasks in real-time
  • Support: access to our e-mail hotline service
  • Excel export: you can easily export your data to an Excel document
  • Single user: you are limited to only one connection

“Start+ Vineyard” functions:
The “Start+ Vineyard” gives you the traceability of the “Start Vineyard” plus simple tools to manage the vineyard production.

  • Employee management: list your employees so you can assign them to a work order
  • Time spent management: enter the time spent by each employee
  • Tractor and equipment management: assign your tractors and equipment to a work order